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Concierge Medicine

In Palo Alto, CA, Dr. Nawal Johansen offers an exceptional approach to healthcare through concierge medicine. Catering to patients in Menlo Park,  Atherton, the Peninsula,

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Internal Medicine

Dr. Nawal Johansen is at the forefront of providing exceptional internal medicine services. As a respected practitioner, Dr. Johansen combines expertise with personalized care, catering

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Women’s Preventive Health

Women’s health requires unique attention, encompassing various issues that can arise at different stages of life. Women’s preventive health, as championed by Dr. Nawal Johansen

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Wellness Care

Wellness care is not solely about treating or preventing illness; it encompasses a broader approach that considers physical, mental, and emotional health in Palo Alto,

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Primary Care

Dr. Nawal Johansen is a beacon of excellence in primary care in the bustling region of Palo Alto, CA. Serving the diverse communities of the

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Medication Management

Medication management is critical to effective healthcare, ensuring patients take their medications as prescribed while minimizing potential side effects and interactions. In Palo Alto,  CA,

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Preventive Cancer Screening

Preventive cancer screening is a proactive approach to identifying early signs of cancer, even before symptoms manifest. Early detection can significantly improve treatment outcomes and

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Annual Physical Exams

Annual physical exams are foundational in maintaining and optimizing one’s health. These routine check-ups offer a snapshot of your current health status and can identify

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