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Preventive Cancer Screening

Cancer Cells

Preventive cancer screening is a proactive approach to identifying early signs of cancer, even before symptoms manifest. Early detection can significantly improve treatment outcomes and chances of recovery. Dr. Nawal Johansen, a seasoned internal medicine expert serving patients in Palo Alto, CA, the Peninsula, Bay Area, Silicon Valley, and far beyond, emphasizes the importance of these screenings as a pivotal part of comprehensive healthcare.

Symptoms Indicating the Need for Screening

While the goal of preventive screening is to identify cancer before symptoms arise, it’s crucial to be aware of potential signs indicating a need for a more immediate check-up. These might include:

  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Persistent fatigue
  • Changes in bowel or bladder habits
  • Persistent cough or voice change
  • Difficulty swallowing or chronic indigestion
  • Lumps or areas of skin thickening
  • Unexplained bleeding or bruising

The Importance of Preventive Cancer Screening

Preventive cancer screening is a proactive measure in healthcare, targeting the early detection of potential cancerous developments. This early identification is crucial as it facilitates the implementation of more effective treatment strategies, ensuring timely intervention before the condition escalates.

Furthermore, diagnosing cancer at an early stage reduces the risk of the disease progressing or metastasizing to other parts of the body. As a result, treatments can often be less aggressive, leading to improved chances of a complete recovery and subsequently reducing overall mortality rates associated with the disease.

Screening Process with Dr. Johansen

Dr. Johansen follows a systematic approach to preventive cancer screenings:

  • Risk Assessment: Understanding your family history, lifestyle, genetic profile, and other risk factors to determine the appropriate screenings.
  • Appropriate Test Recommendations: Based on risk factors, Dr. Johansen offers comprehensive cancer screening evaluations and tests and reviews both routine, emerging, and advanced cancer screening modalities. 
  • Interpreting Results: After screenings, Dr. Johansen will discuss the results, ensuring you understand the findings.
  • Guidance on Next Steps: If abnormalities are detected, Dr. Johansen will guide you on the necessary follow-up procedures or treatments.
  • Regular Follow-ups: Proactively scheduling periodic screenings based on age, health, and risk factors.


In addition to screenings, certain lifestyle changes can reduce cancer risks:

  • Maintaining a healthy weight and diet
  • Regular physical activity
  • Limiting alcohol and avoiding tobacco consumption
  • Protecting skin from excessive sun exposure
  • Staying updated with recommended vaccines

Future Implications of Preventive Cancer Screenings

Undertaking regular preventive cancer screenings plays a pivotal role in enhancing an individual’s overall health trajectory. The screening process offers a proactive approach to health management and disease prevention by pinpointing potential concerns during their nascent stages.

Early detection, achieved through these screenings, allows medical interventions to be more precise and tailored to the specific condition. The necessity for aggressive treatments is often reduced, leading to a higher rate of treatment success and better patient outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the primary goal of preventive cancer screening?

The primary objective of preventive cancer screening is early detection of potential cancerous changes, allowing for more effective treatments and increased chances of complete recovery.

How often should I undergo preventive cancer screening?

The frequency of screenings depends on individual risk factors, age, and medical history. Dr. Johansen will provide personalized recommendations based on a comprehensive risk assessment.

Are there side effects or risks associated with cancer screenings?

While most screenings are minimally invasive and safe, every medical test and procedure carries some risk. Dr. Johansen will discuss the benefits and potential risks of each recommended screening, ensuring you’re well-informed before proceeding.

Schedule Your Screening

For those in the Peninsula, Bay Area, Silicon Valley, and beyond who want to optimize their long-term health and wellbeing, preventive cancer screenings with Dr. Nawal Johansen are an essential step. Prioritize your health and schedule your cancer screening today by reaching out at (650) 313-2140. Prevention and early detection are key components in the fight against cancer.